Bed & Breakfast Gardens

A Perfect Venue – Bed & Breakfast Gardens

Our bed & breakfast is something unique in comparison to other b&b’s. We have two different styles to choose from for your stay. The first is our famous Tiny Texas Cottages and the other is a Hotel & Saloon in an old western style town where the rooms look a little more modern! In the front of the property is where the cottages sit, and right around that is our Bed & Breakfast Gardens.

Our gardens area is lush with greenery and flowers from all seasons and is the perfect spot for a wedding ceremony, engagement pictures, bridal portraits or even family photos!

For a ceremony, it’s perfect for those small weddings with 50 people or less. We put out the white garden chairs, and you can set your altar any way you would like! We’ve had some really creative girls make their own altars that are too cute for words!

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If nothing else, it provides a beautiful, tranquil area to relax during your stay with us! If you would like more information about our intimate weddings in the bed & breakfast gardens, click here and fill out the “Schedule a Tour” form & one of our event consultants will get in touch with you ASAP!

With all of our love,

Silver Sycamore Team